Media Release: AFL Coaches & Lucky Chicken Eggs Women's Coaching Crusade

By Staff writer, Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019


Wednesday 23rd January 2019


Shining a light on AFL & AFLW coaching as a career for women

The AFL Coaches Association, in partnership with Lucky Chicken Eggs, is proud to announce the launch of the Women’s Coaching Crusade, which aims to attract and upskill more women to coach at the highest level.

The Women’s Coaching Crusade will:

The lucky winning scholarship recipients will receive:

    • Funded participation in the AFL Coaches Next Coach Program
    • A funded position on the annual AFL Coaches US Study Tour
    • Mentorship from an AFL Coach with at least 10 years’ experience.
  • Feature four female AFLW Coaches in Natalie Wood (Geelong), Shannon McFerran (Carlton), Jane Lange (Melbourne) & Lauren Morecroft (North Melbourne) on the cartons of Lucky Chicken Eggs during the 2019 AFLW Season.

Since the inception and growth of AFLW – and with men filling all AFLW Senior Coaching positions in 2019 – the AFL Coaches Association identified a need to take action to not only support the ambitions and aid development of women coaching in football, but to grow the numbers of women getting into coaching.

A chance meeting between AFL Coaches Association CEO, Mark Brayshaw and Morry Wroby, CEO of Valley Park Farm, (producer of Lucky Chicken Eggs), and a subsequent breakfast (over eggs, of course) is where the idea became reality. 

“The Women’s Coaching Crusade is the start of something really important for the growth of women coaching football at the highest level, and we’re excited to have Lucky Chicken Eggs on board.” Brayshaw said.

“It behoves the industry to highlight the AFL Coaches Association’s Coaching Pathway to more women, so that they can equip themselves for a career of coaching at the highest level – and that will, in turn, bring AFLW and even AFL coaching to another level.

“Ex-AFL Players overwhelmingly constitute the ranks of AFL coaches in the current era. A decade ago 90 per cent of AFL coaches were ex-players, that percentage has shrunk, and this year that number is now 75 per cent.

In light of this, it’s likely that former AFLW players will make up the bulk of AFLW Coaches in the future. Through the Women’s Coaching Crusade, our aim is to upskill AFLW players now with a view that within the next 5-10 years, maybe sooner, there should be enough former AFLW players who have received opportunities to become qualified and developed through the coaching pathway, which will facilitate a rise in females coaching at the highest level,” Brayshaw said.

Lucky Chicken Eggs, available only at Coles Supermarkets, are produced by Valley Park Farm, who have been in the egg business for over ten years. Importantly, Lucky Chicken Eggs are the only free range brand in Australia that has been rigorously accredited by the RSPCA’s Approved Farming Scheme. Lucky Chicken Eggs is additionally produced under standards consistent with CSIRO’s Model Code of Practice, a fact that Valley Park Farm CEO, Morry Wroby is also proud of.

Wroby had read the articles about the lack of women in coaching positions, and it was his passion for football and for women receiving opportunities to excel in their chosen field that became one of the key reasons behind his involvement; at Valley Park Farms 50 per cent of their farm managers are women.

“We’re excited to be involved in the Women’s Coaching Crusade to highlight and grow the number of women coaching in football. ” Wroby said.

“In our business, we’ve been on a similar journey, and I’m proud to say that 50 per cent of our farm managers are women that we have trained, and nearly three quarters of our workforce are women as well. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to highlight the stars of our game, and that is our free-range hens at Lucky Chicken Eggs. The ethical farming practices we employ mean that we have some very lucky chickens indeed.” Wroby said.

Geelong’s Natalie Wood, the first full-time female AFLW assistant – and VFLW senior coach – also expressed her support for the Women’s Coaching Crusade.

I am honoured to help launch this exciting initiative,” Wood said.

“This is an incredible opportunity, and will foster a great deal of belief amongst the females that are interested in getting into coaching. To highlight the AFL Coaches Association’s Coaching Pathway and the amazing scholarship opportunity could be the impetus for a number of female athletes to pursue their coaching careers after they finish playing. 

“This is a great initiative from the AFL Coaches Association and it’s wonderful to have Lucky Chicken Eggs on board supporting,” Wood said.



Carlie Merenda | on behalf of AFL Coaches Association 

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